Sunday, June 08, 2008


So little time these days for blogging, it seems. I have such lofty ambitions churning around in my head to blog about, and prolly only 1/8 of it ever ends up here. So, here's a miscellaneous post with random stuff I've been luvin' recently and other blog worthy snippets.

Celebrating big-time college Grads
Baking Cake Pops!
Obsessing JASON Apricot ScrubbleReading The Host by Stephenie Meyer
Listening Au Revoir SimoneDrinking Hansen's Mandarin LimeLusting Angelina Jolie in Wanted


{lizzythebotanist} said...

i should have had you come photograph my cake pops. my piece o' camera couldn't do them justice. i love the ribbon you used...

Jess said...

I think you should be a pro G!
I'm going to start the host tonight, just borrowed it from my sis.
I'm needing some new music, thanks for sharing I'll have to check it out.
I LOVE Hansens drinks and I am now wanting to be sitting, reading my book, drinking that drink! =)

Kami said...

Lusting Jolie?! What?! ;)

Your NYC trip looked like a blast!

I need to try that drink.

Lacy said...

I forgot you were a Jolie fan--aagghh... I will let that one slide. Just kidding

special k said...

Are you kidding me? Those cake pops are STUNNING!!! They look so dang good. Can you please teach me how to bake like that? :)

gina bina said...

Yes-big Jolie fan, right here. I think she is so hot...especially when she plays these 'tough chick, I can kill you with my sultry glare' kind of roles. Wait...does she play anything else?? :)

Tuttles said...

Those cake pops look AMAZING!!! You could sell them in a little shop you know!(: How is The Host? Worth reading?

gina bina said...

So far...The Host is pretty good! I'm not even a 1/4 of the way through so I'll give you a detailed review once I'm done.
And if you were going to be here for Bunko, you might get some cake pops! I'll save you some...maybe.

Anonymous said...

Cake Pop ?s (hope you don't mind)

How big are the cake balls?

Did you dip them after or before you inserted the loli sticks?

Where did you find the lolipop sticks?

What type of cake mix did you use?

Did you coat with the recommended chocolate/white chocolate bark?

If so, where did you find the bark?

Wow! Thanks a bunch.

gina bina said...

Hope this helps...
Cake "balls" are about 1-1.5 inches in diameter, before dipping. You basically want them to be bite size. After rolling, lay cake "balls" out on a lined cookie sheet and freeze for a couple hours to set. This will make dipping MUCH easier. Remove from freezer and allow to sit for a few minutes to get the chill off before dipping.
Insert loli sticks before dipping, use the stick to help you dip. Find the loli sticks at Roberts or Michael's-cake/candy decorating isle. I think WalMart carries them too. I prefer the 6 inch, but they come in different sizes.
I bake my cake from scratch, but just use your favorite chocolate cake recipe or box mix. It's hard to tell in the final product.
I used chocolate appeals (pre-tempered chocolate) for the dipping. I bought them at Orson Gygi in Salt Lake City. For the white chocolate I used Wilton brand white chocolate candy melts (also available at craft stores). They taste horrible, but it's all about effect if you are using colored chocolate in the first place. My friend used the almond bark and said it worked great and way super easy. I have yet to try it. You can find almond bark in the baking isle of any grocery store-I've even seen it at WalMart.
Whatever you do, just make sure that your chocolate coating is not too hot when dipping. If your cake pops are too cold and your chocolate is too hot your coating might crack a little once it sets.
Another helpful tip: make sure you get the chocolate up onto the base of the stick to help seal the stick to the pop. That way the cake won't fall off the stick when you pick it up. Make sense?
Good luck!

gina bina said...

I decided that I really don't like the term cake balls. It does nothing for me. And makes me blush.