Monday, June 16, 2008

Summerfest 2008

Nothing says SUMMER like Summerfest in O-Town, baby.

Check it.

BD and Ike are too cool for school
The lovelies enjoying the parade
Two of my favorite people right here...(Happy B-day Ryk!)Baby El was all smiles all nightTwo sweetie pies-love them
Totally focused: elbow elbow wrist wrist wrist
Nash is like so totally radical
Max was definitely not so hot on the fireworks


The Blairs said...

The picture of Max, priceless.

Jess said...

Love the pics

Mindi said...

holy moly!! i just laughed out loud!!!!!

we have a friend who's kid literally FLIPS OUT during any fireworks. i am gonna have to link her to that one. genius.

Chari said...

Fun glad you came to hang with us for a minute!