Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Breakfast in the Park

We invited BD's family to join us this year for our neighborhood Fourth of July Breakfast in the Park. I love this tradition just as much as I love my neighbors and neighborhood. We really hope to not get kicked out, ever. But if we do, we're coming for your basement (you know who you are!). Even on a slightly chilly, overcast and muggy Independence Day, the 200 foot slip 'n slide is always a crowd pleaser. With our hillside scorched by fire just the day before, I was nervous the fire department wouldn't have enough trucks or manpower to spare. But they came, and with two trucks! Which made the whole shebang perfect.

BD and CJ did a knock out job of manning the top deck again. The slip 'n slide is pure entertainment: steep hill + fire hose + baby bubble bath = a seriously slippery situation. Michelle and Alli proved to be the only rock star moms who dared take their babies down. They got a big fat KU-DOS from me that day. I'm not sure Cody and Ellie could quite appreciate the awesomeness of it all.

We were thrilled to introduce our family to some of our very favorite people. 

Behold...our beloved park with a view. A bubble bath beard. Toddling toddlers with cute bums. And babies with twirly feet. Babies with twirly feet make my heart stop.

Afterwards we took a chilly, short lived dip in the pool, followed by sandwiches, watching the Tour de France (which is airing non-stop at my house these days), and homemade strawberry ice cream.

BD shuttled off for his third bike race of the weekend, and I opted to stay home. To nap. It had been a solid 3 day weekend and sometimes I think I'm not built for that amount of fun. That evening we both had a hard time keeping our eyes awake watching the fireworks from our balcony. The new aerial fireworks were clearly a big hit, every neighborhood in the valley was lighting up in perfect style.

Until next year: may the fourth be with you!

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C*K*J said...

I'm pretty sure that the 4th of July is my favorite holiday ever since living here. And you're never leaving. ever. done.