Friday, July 15, 2011

Hit the road, Jack

  • Summerness is well under tow / my list is shrinking just as the days
  • Oh boy, this week has been busy / Oh girl, next week looks busier
  • You must know I love it when / my old boss is back in town
  • Lyrics on repeat / streets are uneven when you are down
  • Today is my Grandma R's birthday / I miss her so much it hurts
  • BD is a cyclist / masquerading as a runner for the weekend
  • My tennis game is seeing improvement / am so happy about it
  • On the other hand / my piano practicing has taken a huge hit
  • Root beer popsicles / are keeping this girl nourished happy
  • Did you know / most of the world thinks root beer is disgusting?
  • I have the travel bug / also known as running from my problems
  • Am scared out-of-my-mind / as to what the rest of this year holds
  • But this weekend / I'm excited to road trip with some cool cats
  • Last weekend / I made a strawberry-rhubarb pie from scratch
  • Further evidence that I am becoming my mother / it's not so bad
Happy Friday!


Two Wheeler said...

Awesome babe, can't wait to spend the weekend with you!

jane said...

I am here to say your tennis game is AMAZING!!!! Tennis League watch out cause here Gina comes! And I am so thankful I got to eat some of your amazing rhubarb pie and I can't leave out the BEST homemade ice cream I have ever had. Yum.