Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bryce Canyon Half Marathon

BD's family is full of running fools. Two weeks ago, after not having run for like, ever, BD decides that he'll up and run the Bryce Canyon Half Marathon with Russ, Michelle and Alli. Is it just me, or do men seem to have this ability to just do stuff like this on a whim? I'm going with, yeah. The injustice of it all bewilders me. Regardless, it was a perfect excuse to tag along on a little road trip with the Duncan family (minus Ellie who stayed home for some precious daddy-daughter time and was missed enormously). All the runners did superb! I was proud of each of them. Not sure if you knew this, but running is hard. I have such great respect for anyone who can run past the end of my street, because that is usually where I succumb and die a very horrible death.

Sojourners: Michelle, Russ, BD, Alli, Heather, Jenny
Surprise, surprise cousins Jenny and Heather ran as well. On the sidelines we visited with Stu and Helen who always give big giant hugs and make you feel warm and fuzzy from head to toe.
We took the long way home - because that's what Duncan's do - and I finished my book. Hooray for summer reading! Also, I did pay very close attention to the beautiful scenery surrounding us. Especially the full-to-the-brim golden moon that hovered so handsomely over the mountains that first night. My lawsie, was that ever a site to behold. We drank cold sarsaparilla and inhaled giant ginger molasses cookies at the Burr Trail Grill in Boulder. Totally worth going back for.

Plenty of little stops along the way helped so that the runners and little Cody could get out and stretch their legs. That boy, he's a charmer. Such a darling and good natured little rascal. But hello, look at his parents. They take easy street to a whole new level. I could just squish him.

Twins. Aren't these two adorable? Indeed. Besties through and through. Notice how their stride is exactly the same! Like I said, adorable.
Russ & Michelle, Besties
I'm not sure I can take this post to any greater heights than this. It's taken me no less than 6 blog sessions to finally finish it without being interrupted, side-tracked or distracted by something else. Have a lovely weekend! We'll be picnicking and lovin' us some Von Trapp Children in Deer Valley tonight. Feel the joy people :)


Michelle+Ellie said...

such a fun trip! THanks so much for coming and supporting us. it really means so much! and we MUST go back....even if it's only to go get another giant cookie. MY GOODNESS I think I have had a dream or two about going back to that place....Love you gina bina. Love the pics!

C*K*J said...

Such cute pictures. Looks like it was a sucessful road trip, indeed.

I'm dying with excitement for the von trapps tonight. (and other stuff) yay.

Elizabeth Madsen said...

Beautiful pictures! Tell Brad he makes me sick. Who runs a half marathon with no training? It's inhuman.

Lacy said...

That is so awesome they all did it together. I love it!!