Wednesday, July 20, 2011

This guy, we love

On the way down to Bryce Canyon last weekend we pit-stopped at the Scipio (love that word) gas station / Dairy Queen to fill up the cars and indulge our road trippin' bellies with a frozen treat. It had been far too long since my last chocolate dipped cone. {insert wistful sigh}
Anyway, moving on.
While pumping our gas a Mercedes Sprinter Van pulls forward at the adjacent pump. The Duncan men pay notice. The Duncan women pay notice to the Duncan men paying notice to a camping van and wonder why they even put on makeup that morning. {insert beleaguered sigh}
Anyway, moving on.
By this point the clan has migrated inside and in line to order their dinner and guilty pleasures, as they may be. But not my father-in-law Lee. Nope. He is outside saddled up to the van chewing the cud with three ladies (ahem) who, come to find out, are en-route from Glacier National Park to home in the South. And he's washing their windows. 'Cause he's just that guy. I couldn't love him more. {insert affectionate sigh}


Michelle+Ellie said...

ONLY LEE! bahah what a cutie. Nothing stands in the way of the Duncan boys and their cars....(or someone else's car for that matter) HAR HAR

Two Wheeler said...

Great post, so true :-) But, yes, we do pay attention to your makeup. It's not too much, just right!