Friday, February 17, 2012

Super long flights?

Never really ever been m'thang ;)


Ames and Jer-da-me said...

I flew to Australia when I was about 5 months pregnant with Zac. I got bad air sickness on the plane (I travel lots and had never got it before but this was the longest flight I had even taken). Just make sure you have lots of throw up bags handy and consider yourself lucky that it will be your husband sitting next to you whilst you puke instead of that poor stranger that gets to pretend you aren't really throwing up next to them.

gina bina said...

Amy!! I'm so sad to hear that :( and I'm crossing my fingers I don't have the same experience. Xo

Elizabeth Madsen said...

I miss you already! I hope the flight is going are probably somewhere over the pacific right now. Hope it's the most wonderful trip imaginable! Xxxo