Monday, October 01, 2012

Bee's Blueprint: 4 Months

Phoebe just passed her 4 month mark and is growing so quickly it gives her momma chest pains. Much to our surprise, she rolled from her front to back at 14.5 weeks. By 15 weeks she had rolled from her back to front which is now the preferred position for almost everything, particularly sleeping. Piece of mind, out the window. There were a few restless nights for mom and dad while we reassured ourselves that she was strong enough to push up and change positions if she needed to while on her tummy. Consequently, she is taking much better naps! So I'm thinking a tummy sleeper is not so bad after all. Bee is starting to show a slight preference for who she smiles at and who is holding her. When BD was out of town for a few days she kept looking at the door, then back at me, then at the door again, as if to say "where is that guy, and shouldn't he be home by now?" She prefers to put her self to sleep these days and will rarely tolerate us rocking her for very long. Sigh. Of course, that has its perks, too. Bedtime routine is our favorite time of day because daddy is usually home and it's great family bonding where we are all together and focused on her. Bath, massage, jammer-jams (I don't know why), books and songs, nurse, burp, snuggle, binky, down. Then, binky, binky, binky, on repeat until she settles into a spot to doze off. Bee is trying really, really hard to suck her thumb. Mom is trying really, really hard to encourage the binky. It's not certain who is winning just yet.
4 months stats:
14 lbs 4 oz (75%)
25.25 inches tall (90%)
15.94" head (50%)


C*K*J said...

That is the cutest picture I have ever seen!!! Love her so dang much!!

Ryan+Michelle+Ellie said...

oohhh this picture made my heart melt! She is sooo cute Gina!! and it looks like she got her daddy's height! i need to see her asap.

{lizzythebotanist} said...

i love everything about this. she looks a lot like lee in this picture, amiright?

my kids are all tummy sleepers. nash since day one, haven from the moment she could get there. it's natural-we're protecting our guts when we're at our most vulnerable. many, many babies have survived this way and yours will, too:)

Elizabeth Madsen said...

Can you believe how old our girls are getting???? LOVE that picture. She is the sweetest!