Wednesday, October 24, 2012

"Did I catch a niner in there?"

Fact: nine years ago today married my best friend. It's been a wild ride! Sometimes BD will snuggle against me and say "I love my life with you." It's such a small thing, but oh how I love to hear those simple words. The feeling is completely mutual. I thought it would be more romantic to meet him at a restaurant for dinner (instead of my usual frantic rush around the house) and he was so surprised that I showed up without Bee! (Thank our lucky stars for Aunt Jen!). I had such butterflies driving over to meet him. When I pulled up, he greeted me with a big kiss, flowers, and a small gift. I'll never forget it! It was fun to have a quiet dinner alone with him and no little fingers grabbing at water glasses and dropping napkins. We only talked about Bee most of the time. We got home in time for daddy to read Bee a bedtime story and indulge with some of our favorite treats. It was pretty perfect. For our 9th anniversary we did something totally hip and sexy and spontaneous and ... bought a couch. Happy AnniversaryMerryChristmasBirthdayfor5years to us!
I love you, my loverness ;)


Two Wheeler said...

Well put babe, you describe things so well. Love you! And here's to the next nine.

Jana said...

haha Hooray for a new couch!! You guys are such a great couple. :)

Elizabeth Madsen said...

You two are one of the great love stories. Here's to many more wild years ahead! ;)