Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bee's Blueprint: 5 Months

This little Bee Charmer turned 5 months old on Halloween! She is at such a fun stage right now, but like most first-time moms I'm sure I'll say that every step of the way. When Bee first pulled her foot up to her mouth, she could hardly believe her good luck. She looked up at me as if to ask, "has this been here the whole time? And there's two of them?!" Bee can sit up on her own, propped on her hands, although she doesn't like to be separated from either her hands or feet for very long so sitting usually doesn't last. She much prefers standing on her legs, any chance she can get! Her napping habits are becoming much more routine and she can usually put herself to sleep without much fuss. In her rocking chair we read books and sing songs before each nap, and those few minutes are some of mommy's favorite throughout the whole day. Bee will sometimes sing along with mom, especially when mom slips in a Christmas song now and then. She is happy most of the time and will play on her own for short periods. She will roll across a room and back when the opportunity presents itself. Her favorite sound is daddy's trumpet mouth and she will laugh and smile every time he does it. Her giggle is hands down our favorite sound and we laugh and smile every time she does it. We can hardly believe how much we love this little Bee and are so grateful she's ours.


Elizabeth Madsen said...

I love your blueprints! She is so sweet and perfect!!!

C*K*J said...

I love these posts so, so much!! I love sweet Bee like nobody's business!!