Sunday, October 07, 2012

The Best of Insta Lately

9.5 Bumbo. Sophie. Leggings.

9.9 Summer Sunday with bestie Eleanor

9.14 Visiting Grandpa Lee at NetDocuments

9.18 Ducktail

9.20 Hoodlum, learning how to roll!

9.21 Fedora. Cords. Muffin top. Pointer Finger.

9.22 Fall. Wolfcreek Pass. Utah.

9.27 Bow thief! And otherwise completely enamored with Leah

9.29 Naps. Binky. Tummy.

9.29 Pedi's before baby Charlie comes, Kim, DeeDee, Bethany
Baby Charlie is here; Congrats Kim, Chris and Leah!
And he has dimples! Could you die?!
Get 'er Phoebes! (Thank you for the GoPod Tiff and Lisa :)
10.5 Loving our new neighborhood Taqueria 27, Bee especially!


Marc and Lindsay Duncan said...

She seems so happy all the time!! I am so in love with her. She couln't be cuter!!

Ryan+Michelle+Ellie said...

okay... the silhouette ducktail? to die for.

C*K*J said...

i love every single one of these pics so much!!!